The process is often an exciting journey; one that is rewarding to both the client and the craftsman.

It usually proceeds something like this:

1. We establish a design brief. We discuss dimensions, choice of materials, a rough budget and approximate time scale.
2. I shall then respond within an agreed period, usually within a few weeks. This may take the form of sketches and/or letters and further conversations, depending on the project.
3. Once the design and the budget are agreed, I shall ask for a deposit of 50% of the total, so that materials and work time can then be assigned.
4. You will be informed when the work commences, and updated as work progresses.
5. When your piece(s) are finished the remaining balance becomes due; once paid for, delivery will be made promptly at a pre-arranged time and date.
6. You can then enjoy your unique pieces of furniture: the lovely wood, the finish and the craftsmanship.

Commissioning Work